Strip Sugar® Waxing

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A Simple, Safe, and Effective System

In a strong effort to answer the cries of beauty academies across the world, Alexandria Professional® developed a very simple, safe, and effective sugar waxing product that is all-natural, water-soluble, not hot to the skin, 100% sanitary, mess-free, and more economical (you only need 1 spatula for the full treatment, and 50% less cotton than with conventional wax)!

Never double dip again using the squeeze, spread and strip method!

Strip sugar® waxing system is bacteria-free and eliminates all cross-contamination issues associated with conventional waxing by using our innovative squeeze bottle design.


Two Types:

  • Regular Strip Sugar® is for larger body parts.
  • Resistant Strip Sugar® is for smaller body part and more resistant hair.



Sucrose/Sugar, Aqua/Water, Citrus limon/lemon Juice, Acacia Senegal/Gum Acacia