Alexandria Professional® Sugar Paste

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Alexandria Professional’s Sugar Paste comes in five different formulations meant to suit all practitioners, environments, and situations. Our paste is developed from the highest quality ingredients and designed for lasting efficiency throughout professional sugaring services.

LK Private Stock is a very soft paste used by practitioners who have mastered their skills in the advanced technique of body sugaring.

LK Plus is a softer paste used by practitioners who have mastered their skills in the advanced technique of body sugaring. It is softer than Regular sugar paste but harder than LK Private Stock.

Regular Sugar Paste has a texture that is soft and pliable. It is our most commonly used sugar paste.

Tropical Sugar Paste firmer texture than Regular Sugar Paste. Excellent for use in humid climates, non-air-conditioned establishments & for practitioners with warm hands.

Tropical Plus™ formulated for those extremely warm and humid conditions…from the Tropics to the standard extra warm treatments rooms to the very warm handed sugarist.

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Extra Information

35oz. / 995g.


Sucrose/Sugar, Aqua/Water, Citrus limon/lemon Juice, Acacia Senegal/Gum Acacia

7 Reviews

  • Posted by Tammy Leiphart on 12th Feb 2021


    Regular sugar

    This product is a huge asset to my business, I love how it is comfortable for the skin.

  • Posted by Joanne Smith on 17th Sep 2020


    The best

    Alexandria Sugar Paste is THE best! I’ve been using this product for almost 20 years. Excellent customer service too!’

  • Posted by Ellen Dutton on 17th Jul 2020



    Love Alexandria Professional Sugar!! I have religiously used this brand since 2003! Curiosity got the best of me and I tried other brands (3 other) and still have some unused product because I didn't like the other brands enough to finish the one jar I purchased from each company!! Alexandria sugar is the superior!

  • Posted by Shannon Vest on 1st Jul 2020


    Regular Sugar

    Love, love, love working with the regular sugar. Very gentle on the skin and leaves it extremely smooth! Clients enjoy the ease of removal as well as cleanup.

  • Posted by Jillian Kulas on 21st Nov 2019



    The only sugar I’ve ever tried!

  • Posted by Katana Silverthorn on 18th Jul 2019


    The best sugar ever!!!

    When I started they only had 3 kinds of sugar now they have 5!!! I love the LK Plus! These sugar pastes are very consistent!

  • Posted by Michelle Morgan on 5th Jul 2019


    Best sugar ever

    As a professional this has been the best sugar ever. It’s the perfect consistency for delicate areas. The skin care products and aftercare is amazing.